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My name is Nina Kazarian and I’m a Senior at Oklahoma State University, studying Professional Writing and Linguistics, expecting to graduate in May 2018.

I am pursuing the craft of being a brand story-teller because I passionately believe in the power of stories. Having spent my education studying rhetoric and communication, I have found that the most successful people, brands, and companies are the ones who have learned how to tell their stories. Because of my experience in professional writing, visual rhetoric, marketing, and communications, I believe that words and graphics have the power to create space for moments and experiences, effectively opening the door to a story that anyone can participate in. (And we all want to be invited into a good story.)

Your brand is unique to you. What your company does is changing cities, homes, and lives. What you stand for and are investing in is powerful stuff. That’s all a part of your story; and so are the day-to-day tasks that you invest in. Everything you do is vital to the heartbeat of your company, your brand, and your work. That’s the story I want to help you tell. What you believe in, what your vision is, and what you’re doing.

Every genre, from the mission statement to the weekly newsletter, relies heavily on the performance of word and image. My career goals are about helping you communicate in the most powerful way. I am nurturing my craft with words and graphics so that you can be best-positioned to tell your story.

I offer services in copy editing, professional writing, marketing, and graphic design, and am pursuing a position in brand story-telling.

Feel free to browse my website for more information, where you’ll find my resume, my portfolio, and my blog.

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ninamkazarian@gmail.com | https://www.linkedin.com/in/nina-kazarian/